Arts Theatre Seating Plan

The original home of Waiting for Godot, built as a private theatre club where producers did their best to avoid the onerous creative censorship of the day, The Arts Theatre is a small club-style theatre with fewer than 500 seats spread over two levels.

The stalls is the larger, followed by the dress circle. The stalls cover rows BB to N and are a maximum of 18 seats wide. The dress circle includes rows A to F, at the most 17 seats wide per row. A total of 347 seats make the Arts Theatre an intimate venue and you’re always close to the on-stage action.

Expect to navigate nineteen steps down to the stalls and five to the Dress Circle. In the stalls, rows AA and BB are often used as extensions to the stage. When they’re available, they’re priced around the same as circle seats so are excellent value.

The stage is quite high and you might suffer neck-ache in rows AA to D of the stalls, but it’s usually worth it! If you can bear to park your backside on a bench instead of a regular seat, you’ll find amazing bargains in the dress circle. And if you have long legs, there are suitable seats in the front row stalls and rear circle.